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Current Accounting Contracts in Toronto and the GTA
  • Job # 20144315 Senior Accountant
    Our client is a holding company with a broad range of investments. They are looking for a seasoned financial professional to join [...]
  • Job # 20144328 Business Analyst
    West GTA
    Do you enjoy financial analysis? Are you a due diligence pro with experiencing buying and selling corporations?If you enjoy analyzing [...]
  • Job # 20144350 Controller
    West GTA
    Are you an effective team leader? Are you a motivated accountant that can make firm decisions? If you’re eager to take the [...]
  • Canada's National Conference

    PTC Speaking @ FENG Toronto Chapter Networking Meeting

    FENG Toronto Chapter Networking Meeting   Topic: Networking Tips for Finance Professionals Speaker: Steve Rosen, Principal at PTC Accounting & Finance     Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM   Where: Pallett Valo LLP Lawyers and Trade-Mark Agents 77 City Centre Drive West Tower, Suite 300 [...]
  • Welcome to our 3 part exposé on the internet

    Welcome to our 3 part exposé on the internet

    You can find almost anything on the internet. The depths of the web are seemingly endless. But are you getting access to the entire internet? Is your service provider blocking and censoring certain areas? Are you receiving the connection speed that you’re paying for? This article explains the battle that is currently raging between those who want an [...]


  • Welcome to our 3 part exposé on the internet

    Welcome to our 3 part exposé on the internet

    Due to the sheer volume of users there is an immense amount of data. All that data can take a lot of time and effort to sort through and make sense of. Lucky for you this article shares 40 maps that summarize and explain it all. http://www.vox.com/a/internet-maps    * * * * * * * * * *  PTC Accounting & Finance is a leader in [...]
  • Welcome to our 3 part exposé on the internet

    Welcome to our 3 part exposé on the internet

    It’s a tool we use everyday, at home, at work and everywhere in between on our mobile devices. But what exactly is the internet? Where exactly is the internet? Who created it? What are the current issues and developments? All these are questions many of you have and now you’ll get the answers. [...]


      PTC Accounting & Finance ANNOUNCEMENT    August 2014      YOU’RE INVITED! CPA Canada's National Conference is taking place from September 22-23, 2014 with optional workshops on September 24. It’s going to be “One Powerful Experience” with “One Powerful Network – in One Place, at One Time”. PTC [...]
  • Contract Consulting vs Permanent Employment:

    Contract Consulting vs Permanent Employment:

      PTC Accounting & Finance BLOG     August 2014    Contract Consulting vs Permanent Employment: Why you should be open to both and prepare well in advance Most of us strive for the ideal permanent position. Job security is increasingly important as we grow into life’s new phases such as home ownership, [...]